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Sewer Line Maintenance in Morton, IL

Is there a lack of water in your toilet? Is sewage backing up into your bathroom? You may have a problem with your sewer lines. Let the plumbing repair experts at Dave Bailey Plumbing, Inc. take care of your sewer lines so that wastes are moved to where they are supposed to be.

Sewer lines carry waste water away from your property to keep the building sanitary and keep wastes away from clean water. Cracked sewer lines, broken lines, or other problems can lead to a disruption in this sanitation system. Dave Bailey Plumbing, Inc. provides professional sewer line repair to correct these problems effectively.

Common Issues Leading to Broken Sewer Lines

When sewer lines crack or break, the cause is usually one of a number of typical unaddressed issues:
  • Irregular maintenance can contribute to poor sewer lines.
  • Tree roots sometimes grow into the lines, breaking them and disrupting the plumbing.
  • Aging pipes may crack due to normal wear and tear.
  • Natural weather events like consistent freezing and earthquakes can cause sewer line damage.
  • The wastes carried by sewer lines can build up into hard-to-clear blockages that burst the pipes.

What You Can Do

To protect your sewer lines, call Dave Bailey Plumbing, Inc. at 309-265-6788 to schedule sewer line maintenance services. We will advise you of any particular actions necessary to keep your pipes intact.

Sewer Line Installation

If your property has old lines, they may need to be replaced. We offer professional sewer line replacement and installation services to restore your plumbing system with new sewer lines. For sewer line installation and replacement, call us today at 309-265-6788 and request an estimate.